Host your next Banquet in our charming facilities in the middle of the historic part Copenhagen, close to accommodation and public transport. You will get professional service, fantastic food & well-shaken drinks, served in a cozy and historic atmosphere with a strong focus on security for you and your guests.

Tailor-made Solution


With our two historic locations, on either side of Møntergade, we offer one of Copenhagen K’s most flexible function rooms. Whether it is business, wedding, christening or something completely different, we can put together the perfect solution for you.


Our annex “The Red House” can be found at Gammel Mønt 41, 1117 Copenhagen K.

At this historic location, we offer you the opportunity for you and your guests to sit undisturbed. The house is divided into two floors, suitable for many different banquets.


The subfloor, next to the old Molteni stove and on the red tiled floor, is suitable for up to 18 guests.

Our downstairs is ideal for the more intimate banquets, where there is both the opportunity for meeting talk and robbery stories.

Top Floor

On the top floor we can host up to 32 guests. Here you sit elevated above street level and have a good view over the pulsating city life.

Which makes for a cozy astmophere. This makes the premise suitable for both large and smaller groups of guests.

Use Both Floors

It is possible to use both floors at the same time. This makes it possible to host up to 50 guests.

The two floors makes lectures, speeches and audio-visual equipment difficult, but are ideal if the composition of your group is such that you would like specific individual groups to sit at smaller tables.

The red on Møntergade
Table in a room


Our premise on Restaurant Møntergade.

In the banquet room at Restaurant Møntergade we can host up to 40 guests at long tables or smaller round tables.

The rooms have

  • own entrance
  • lounge area on 1.floor.
  • dedicated toilets in the basement
  • With the possibility of using audio equipment
  • If you have more than 50 people, we can merge the restaurant room with the banquet room at Møntergade 19.

With this, there is room for about 100 guests and you will experience the ultimate freedom in our hands.

Banquet for Lunch

Suggestions for a Banquet for Lunch

However, keep in mind that we can tailor any solution to suit your wishes.

Example – The Large Lunch Menu


Curry herring with deep fried egg
Warm fried herring with cognac mustard
Fried plaice with remoulade
Shellfish salad with herbs
Spicy mixed tatare with chipotle & fried egg
Breaded & fried pork belly with parsley mayonnaise
Dessert of the day

The large traditional lunch table is served – perfect for celebrating or marking a special event in the company of good people.

The menu above is an example of the Large Lunch Menu – It is subject to change according to season

Banquet Evening


However, keep in mind that we can tailor any solution to suit your wishes.

Banquet Package 1



3-course menu

White wine and red wine during dinner

Coffee / Tea


January & february 2023



Banquet Package 2


Snacks and Champagne

3-course menu

White Wine And Red Wine on higher level served during dinner

Coffee / Tea


January & february 2023



Banquet Package 3


Snacks and Champagne at welcome

4-course menu

Wine menu with particularly good wines for every dish

Coffee / Tea 


January & february 2023





We offer tailor-made banquets in the restaurant that are tailored to you and your guests’ needs.

For example, theme tastings in the wine club, Christmas lunch, a special business banquet, annual meeting of the hunting association, the department’s summer banquet or other festive occasions that deserve special attention.

With our many years of experience in the industry, we help with a delicious composition of food and drink, which in the evening is spiced with a lot of good service.

We look forward to hearing about your thoughts, wishes and ideas, contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

Entrance to the restaurant møntergade
Reviews from Google
” Formidable food and service. Authentic, present and tasty.”

4,7 Stars
(68 Google Reviews)

Politiken four out of six hearts.

(…) I could eat this for the rest of my life. (…)


Joakim Grundahl, Food critic

Berlingske goumet Review five out of six stars.

“(…) The former Palægade team has got off to a good start at Møntergade with open sandwiches, which are not available anywhere else in the city. (…)”

Søren Frank, Food And Wine

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(…) The former team from Palægade keeps the superb style at the new (old) address. (…)

Niels Lillelund