COVID-19 guidelines


When holding your party, some special considerations must be taken into account. the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s guidelines on coronavirus.

When you have your party on our premisses you and your guests get their own rooms.

You get one (or more) permanent waiters who will exclusively service your party.

All our waiting staff and staff in general regularly use disinfectant alcohol.

We also provide spraying stations for you and the room is of course thoroughly cleaned before and after the event.

You therefore host your party with maximum focus on safety for you and your guests.

At the slightest sign of illness, we want you or your guests to give notice so that we can agree further in relation to a reduction in the number of guests or a possible postponement of the event.


General COVID-19 guidelines

The times are as they are, and with us we of course do everything we can to make everyone feel safe.

Our staff will be wearing masks as long as it is mandatory, and we ask our guests to bring mouth protection when visiting the restaurant as long as this is part of the Governments guidelines.

(In the case of closed parties, other guidelines will apply – see above.)

If you don not have any face mask, we a small stock that can be used.

At Restaurant Møntergade, we take our guests’ health, well-being and safety very seriously – also when it comes to living up to the guidelines issued by the Health Authorities around Covid-19.

We therefore make sure to live up to the precautionary principle and the strict guidelines regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

Which means that we daily ensure that our work processes and our facilities live up to the requirements of the Health Authorities, as well as to show special consideration for our guests and employees.

Precisely so that we can welcome everyone to our interpretation of the good restaurant experience. Whether it’s for business, family or fun – or a combination of the three.

We thank you for all the support we experience from our sweet guests.

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