The road to the intersection of Gammel Mønt and Møntergade

Restaurant Møntergade is located right at the intersection where Gammel Mønt meets Møntergade in Copenhagen.

Our two houses have previously housed great Danish gastronomy history. On Møntergade 19, where our a la carte restaurant is today, Bo and Lisbeth Jacobsen have run the Restaurant for 29 years.

The old red houseIt is today our fortune to offer you and your banquet a very special and historic setting for the perfect lunch or dinner where there is the opportunity to talk and eat undisturbed.

It is Simon, Karina & Rasmus who have been so lucky to be able to take over the iconic location to now be able to bring a dream to life.

A dream of standing on our own two feet – not over sticks and stones, but on the foundation we together with our team form and with the hope of continuing the traditions.


Karina Pedersen, Betina Madsen, Andreas Tancula Jørgensen & Jacob Hunsdal:

Karina is the head of the kitchen. She was the backbone of the small kitchen crew at Restaurant Schønnemann, where she got to know Simon and Rasmus.

Fortunately, Karina wanted to join Simon and Rasmus on the new project, which was then called Restaurant Palægade.

Here, together with the deputy manager, Betina Madsen, she built up the balance between modern and tradition that made Palægade’s open sandwiches so beloved in a short time.

In the kitchen with Karina and Betina is Jacob Hunsdal, who is the head chef for our Danish / French evening kitchen. Jacob is an experienced gentleman from many classic Copenhagen establishments.

Right behind Jacob you’ll find the talented Andreas Tancula Jørgensen. He has many awards in his luggage, including a victory at the 2021 edition of the ‘Sun Over Gudhjem cooking competition’.

Despite their different backgrounds, they find each other in the joy of the classic craftsmanship and the harmonious tastes. Together in taste.

Simon Juhl Olesen, Rasmus Amdi Larsen & Janni Horst Hansen

Simon, Rasmus and Janni have a collaboration that goes back a long time. The collaboration began at the restaurant, Le Sommelier, which today has changed its name to Salon, where “Den Røde” now reigns. However, the interaction between Simon, Rasmus and Janni was interrupted for a brief remark, as Simon and Rasmus wanted to try their hands at something completely different.

But on Palægade, where Simon and Rasmus later lured Janni back on board, they united and renewed the best of both worlds by the lovefor the good restaurant experience. But on Palægade, where Simon and Rasmus later lured Janni back on board, they united and renewed the best of both worlds by the love for the good restaurant experience.

Together, the entire team welcomes everyone to our interpretation of the great restaurant experience. Whether it’s for business, family or fun – or a combination of the three.